the wonderful Love Buzz

Horror memorabilia, ski-ball, an old-school jukebox, antiques of creepy descent (such as the metal and rusted clown I became quite acquainted with)  a full drink menu and crispy pizza… This place was everything and more for a chill night out in the H.

Located on the popular street of Westheimer, the house-light exterior of LoveBuzz offers visitors a warm welcome to the low-lit, intimate, and secluded interior; almost as if you were coming home.  Walking in, guests are immediately greeted by the staff and are encouraged to sit anywhere they wish. So, we decided on a circle table to the left of the bar, in the company of Marge Simpson and baby Maggie, whose head was replaced with an alien, which I loved.

I opted for a glass-bottle mexican coke and the special for that Wednesday night which was a $4 slice of the houses own ‘Red Eyed Jedi’: sliced mozzarella and provolone cheese swirled with tangy tomato sauce and fresh herbs. It was crispy, greasy perfection. But I was not yet satisfied, so I had to go for a slice of classic pepperoni, which was also devoured by my sidekick Chels.  The best thing about hanging at LoveBuzz is the free slice of pizza you get with every ice-cold beer you order (AFTER 9p.m.).

Full and satisfied, we decided to go head to head in a battle of ski-ball before pulling out the camera for one of our regular mini photo shoots. The dim atmosphere was a perfect opportunity for Chels and I to play with her 50mm lens, and black and white film for the polaroid. Lights from the Street Fighter arcade game illuminated the room in such a way that the photos came out solemn, mysterious, and almost eerie…. It was AWESOME.

As we were leaving to head back home for the night, we stopped one more time for another backdrop we wanted to use for photos. Purple lights shining against the light-blue walls of the house made for some seriously artsy images, accompanied by a not-so-friendly looking velociraptor (which Chels obviously had to get on) and green cacti.

10/10 I will be coming back for pizza and a rematch in the ski-ball room.

Photos by myself and Chelsea Marie Photos


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