Snooze A.M. Eatery

Sunday, May 7th, the day I was about to wait almost an hour and half at the doors of this retro establishment to indulge in THE MOST amazing eggs benedict of my life to date. If anyone was not aware, I am a brunch person to the fullest. Saturday or Sunday (I say ‘or’ because it has to be one OR the other, ya girl is busy) mornings, surrounded by the people, and food, that I love.

To add, eggs benedict is my brunch meal of choice, paired with iced coffee (the usual). Some people go for the sweet stuff, like chocolate chip pancakes (which I absolutely respect, I mean who doesn’t love pancakes…or chocolate…)

Branching out to explore Houston, and check restaurants off our Houston “to-do” list, my oh-so-talented photographer of a friend, (Chels) and I ventured downtown to Snooze A.M. Eatery off of Montrose Blvd.

Now, I’ve heard things about this ‘Snooze’: “make sure you get there early, you’ll wait for over an hour”, “the bacon is the best in the area”, “I have never had a more delicious omelet,” etc, etc, etc. Sure I thought, just like every other favorite brunch spot.

Walking into Snooze, I instantly became overly-excited as I was taken over by the vibrant atmosphere and smell of Heaven that is brunch. The wait was, of course, an hour and a half. So, Chels and I made our way over to the bar for some coffee as we waited, and in that moment, like a sign from above, a couple stood up as they finished their meal. The two chairs were ours in a total of 5 minutes. It was fate.

It then took no longer than a few seconds to decide what we wanted to order: eggs benedict with a side of bacon and an iced coffee for me, and a jalapeƱo egg-white omelet, side of bacon, and a chocolate chip pancake for Chels. We ate EVERY little bite. The bacon was thick-cut and crispy,  a perfectly poached egg, and smooth cheddar hollandaise sauce. If the portions weren’t as large as they had been, I would have ordered it again to eat for a second time in the same sitting.  And to top it all off, my bill only cost me $12 dollars!

Bellies full and eyes heavy, Chels and I had a few more stops to make: first being, Space Montrose. Which Chels refers to as “The Etsy of Houston.” The store is full of art, cards, baby clothes, candles, and ‘made-in-the-USA’ jewelry. After going back and forth, trying to decide whether or not I was going to buy myself the hand-crafted Biggie Smalls earrings, we exited the store and set out on the hunt for graffiti walls in the area. Which had been painted over? What was new?

What we found was: an 80-s inspired, multi-colored wall covered in bright yellows, oranges, pinks, and purples splashed with an array of shapes, which complimented Chels’s ‘Girl Power’ OOTD and a new (to me) cartoon-filled wall covered with: Homer Simpson, Doug Funnie, Norbett Beaver, Hey! Arnold, Daria, The Power Puff Girls and too many more to name. It was perfect. Not only because it had my favorite characters on it, but also because I got to take a mini nap against it while Chels did her thing with the cam.

Both still full and tired, but more inspired and in love with Houston than ever, we made our way back home and started planning what was on our list for next week… Stay Woke.


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