Hearts and Whatever

Teddy bears, boxes of chocolates, balloons, and so much pink. You know exactly what I’m talking about…. Valentines Day. The one day out of 364 others that people are expected to go above and beyond to show their love for a significant other, which honestly I used to give an extra hard eye roll over.

Valentines Day, to me, has always been the one day I express copious amounts of appreciation and gratitude for my family, and my dad always made sure to give my sister and I a dozen red roses each; it was also Chocolate Covered Strawberries Day (obviously). It was never about flaunting my love for a special someone or going out of my way to prove something to someone. But this year was different. This year I experienced Valentines Day like I never had before: without my father and in a serious relationship with the man of my dreams.

As to keep the mushy stuff at a minimum, I will spare you all the details (you’re welcome). What I will say, though, is that I am lucky enough to have the most amazing (and humorous) significant other who creates the most absolutely boujee V-day cards with myself on the front (ha)! In all seriousness, though, I have a newly-found understanding of this heart-filled holiday. Of course we should all show our love for that special person, or our family and friends, more than just once a year. But, sometimes we get so caught up in life we forget to slow down and appreciate what we have next to, or in front of us.

I also found that Valentines is another excuse, I mean opportunity, to get all dressed up! I consider myself to a be a pretty chill woman: slipping into one of daily colors of Vans, reaching for those workout pants (as I’ll most likely be hitting the gym anyways, so why change and do more laundry), or wearing a different black t-shirt almost everyday of my life. The other side of Lexi, however, can get pretty girly: heels, lipsticks, jewelry, hours of styling my hair…bring it on!

So, even though we decided to stay in and enjoy each others company, I got all dressed up and was totally loving my attire. Choosing a red (seemed only fitting) lace bodysuit and a gold diamond choker from LoveCulture – one of my favorite stores – along with skinny jeans and my silver (you guessed it) Vans. To top it off, I wore 2 gold chain-link bracelets from Stella & Dot, and pearl earrings gifted to me by my boo last Christmas. Sadly, I did not get a full-body picture (BRB, crying) but I did get some pictures of my divine choker, featuring the newly-favorite bunny SnapChat filter.

Happy Valentines Day, lovers. XOXO.


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