Costa Rica 2016

Laid flat on my back, toes tucked ever so slightly into the silky white sand, the actual curve of the earth stretched across the night sky right in front of my eyes. Too many stars to even begin to count, although I do openly admit I tried, and tried again quite a few times…

Riu Palace – Guanacaste, hosted my sisters 28th birthday, along with a few of our close friends. Being that the plane ride over was only 3.5 hours and Ashley wanted to visit somewhere tropical, we agreed, Costa Rica was our best bet… Man, we were right.

Upon landing, we were escorted from the airport to our beautiful, enchanting resort – Riu. The gates opened up to an enormous white building. Which, in my eyes, resembled a castle fit only for my princess of a sister. Bright red, pink, yellow, and white hibiscus lined the walkways leading to our rooms, the pools, and the beaches that seemed to be our own personal playground.

We spent our whole six days basking in the sun, floating atop the crystal clear waters, searching for spider monkeys (whom I realized obviously hide very well), sipping cold drinks, and celebrating the life of my sister.

Not to mention: horseback riding through the jungle, zip-lining over an abundance of wildlife in the company of a mini schnauzer named LuLu, mud baths that were surprisingly almost unbearable (but totally worth it), and dancing under the most divine waterfall, while enjoying fresh coconuts.

Guanacaste, Costa Rica- you were good to us, and I thank you,

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