Birthday Boil

One of my absolute favorite things about living in Texas is the crawfish boils. You know, when the whole family and every contact in your phone show up at your house to cook well over 100lbs of crawfish, stand around drinking all those ice cold beers, telling stories from who even knows how long ago, and laughing so much your face actually begins to hurt (also probably due to the spice of the seasoning).

I am a family girl, I cherish the times I get to spend with everyone I love at once. Which is why I am so stoked that Shawns family threw Uncle Ronnie and I a crawfish boil of our own to celebrate our birthdays! For those of you who are unaware, Shawns father (Rick) is one of the greatest (and most chill) chefs in all of Texas (this may be a tad biased due to the fact I am a blessed individual and get to eat his food multiple times a week, or it may just be the truth because Rick is a beast in the kitchen). But as cool as Rick is I want to give a huge shout-out to Travis ‘Hunt Life’ Haight for taking control of this one and killin the crawfish game, granddad sure did know what he was doing when he taught you how to boil. I’m sure you all can figure out on your own just how delicious these crawfish, shrimp, sausage, corn, potatoes, mushrooms, and Brussels sprouts were. I bet your mouth is already watering (lol).

Saturday morning I woke up super early, only because I was so excited I could not sleep another minute. I made my way (slowly) through the traffic that is I-45 and Bay Area Blvd to treat myself at the mall, then back to my house to get ready. Soon after, Shawn scooped me up and we stopped by Kroger for a few necessities (Dos Equis, presents for the Princess El, and propane). Walking into the backyard I was overcome with happiness: blue skies, sunshine, coolers filled, crawfish purging, and tables setup. I was ready for a crawfish boil!

Over the next few hours we ate, drank, and soaked in one another’s company. My smile never left my face. I felt so loved. I was extruding so much love. As everyone began to trickle out and we started to pickup around the yard, my friends and I decided that we were not ready to quit celebrating, leading us to the chain of bars in the Kemah area. I couldn’t have asked for a better day.

Thank you to everyone who came out and celebrated with me, and a special thank you to Shawn, Travis, Rick, Lynley, Kels, Shane and the fam for the best crawfish boil I have ever attended. I feel so lucky to be apart of y’alls lives.

Knowing it was going to be an adventure-filled day outside, I wanted to wear something chill, but cute and vibey (one of my new fav words). The star of my oufit-show was my old-school Thrasher shirt, the badass one with the flames which I coped from Zumiez, along with boyfriend style distressed jeans (also from Zumiez). Finishing off my relaxed look of the day, I added a thin black choker from Forever21 and classic low-top red vans from the Vans store. To be honest with you all, I was def feelin myself 🙂

Side note: my actual birthday is still 2 days away!



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